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The Next Generation of Control is here!

Control Joey Micro 9

Now with Additional Ports,
Haptic Feedback, Capacitive Touch & 7 Year Warranty


Capacitive touch Joeys

The Joey you know and love with an all new look and great new features. Now with capacitive touch, in a 9 button model, pre-programmed for a large range of applications. Directly control your equipment via Infra Red and extended range RS232. The new Joey Micro 9 really is a complete control solution.

joey icons.



Smart Technology

The Joey Micro will save you money by managing your equipment. The Joey Micro is smart enough to know when a room is empty and will shut the room down; especially important where projectors are installed. The Joey Micro does this by tracking time, key presses and room movement.

Fully Customisable

Joey Micro 9 comes as a complete kit and can control multiple devices. Design your own layout in landscape or portrait orientation for 6 or 9 button configurations using the simple drag and drop style Joey authoring program.

Joey Micro 9

Fully customisable wall mounted
nine-button audiovisual control system with LEDs.

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