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2018-04-24 Corporate Technology

The idea of a paperless office has been around for decades. Yet, here we are, and the idea still seems difficult to achieve. There are many viable ways to pay bills, store files and share documents without the need for paper. But achieving paperless meetings can be difficult, especially when trying to sketch plans, annotate over data and mind map with your team.

Until now….

With the CommBox Interactive product range you can eradicate the need for notebooks and butchers paper in your meeting room…

Utilising the latest in touch screen technology, CommBox allows you to open, edit and create new documents, or annotate over existing files in real time. When you’re done, save to your network or instantly email to others. Whether you’re using OneNote, Excel, Photoshop or a specialised program, CommBox can accommodate. The days of hand written notes you can’t decipher or even find are behind us. CommBox Interactive cater for all business requirements and because we’re both software and hardware agnostic we can cater for all platforms too.

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