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Interactive Touchscreens for Education & Corporate Environments

Touchscreens in the Classroom...

“Touchscreens empower visual and hands-on learners…”

Technology is constantly evolving, and to achieve optimum learning results classrooms must evolve also. Interactive touchscreens are widely accepted as the better alternative to projectors and displays.

Everyday educators are competing for student’s attention due to constant stimulation from devices such as smart phones and tablets. Instead of competing, why not embrace? Many educators have already taken this approach and shifted towards collaborative lessons that encourage active participation and student collaboration.

Touchscreens facilitate this, allowing interactive presentations, annotation over digital content and access to educational apps. Due to everyday exposure to HD TV, gaming consoles and smart devices, students have become accustom to bright, crisp images.

Anything inferior, lacks impact. This impact cannot be achieved through the dim lamp of a projector, regardless of the quality of content. Touchscreens that feature anti-glare glass and HD or FHD (4K) resolution combat the affect an unclear image could have your lessons. The best part, it doesn’t matter how bright your classroom is or where the student is seated, the viewing angle on LED touchscreens with these features, is second to none.

As individuals, we learn differently. Each classroom contains students with varied learning abilities. Touchscreens empower visual and hands-on learners.

Today’s Information Society demands students learn skills that will aid them for careers of the future. By incorporating collaborative lessons through touchscreens we’re equipping students with skills that will benefit them later in life.

Not only are touchscreens an engaging teaching tool, they allow for flexible learning spaces. Touchscreens are platform independent, meaning they support multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux & Chrome). This is an excellent feature due to the prevalence of BYOD (bring your own device) programs and diverse ICT needs amongst schools. Additionally, as computers become end of life, you can easily upgrade without losing the functionality of your touchscreen.

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Watch the below video to learn more about the Pedagogical Benefits of Touchscreens as explained by teachers in the field

Touchscreens in Business...

“With an Interactive Touchscreen you have access to limitless resources, instantaneously.”

In the modern corporate environment, technology is an integral part of organisational success. To maintain competitive edge, your conference and meeting spaces must be outfitted with technology that equips you to create a lasting impression.

Innovation is held in high regard. Outdated technology in your meeting spaces, can drastically undermine that image. Consider the impression you would get, being presented to by a company claiming to be cutting-edge and yet using technology inferior to the modern market. Before they have even started they have lost a component of credibility. Now imagine a boardroom experience where you have access to documents, videos, apps and the web, all at the touch of a finger and the flexibility to do so from anywhere in the room.

How productive and engaging a presentation would be, if there was the power to open a document in progress, or design concept and annotate over it real-time. Then easily distribute the ideas after a group brainstorm. Harnessing the touch technology of smart phones and tablets, Interactive Touchscreens provide the platform to present in a fluid, efficient and engaging manner that
transcends older technology’s past capabilities.

Conference or boardrooms are the core of business transactions, growth and development. The nature of their purpose means they are placed in prime positions in the office with their goal to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Technology that requires dim light to work or with restricted viewing angles, subtracts from the potential impact your boardroom could have. A room that is of the highest value to your company can be diminished by the fact, to present in there, you need to close blinds or sit in a particular vicinity
to your technology. With an LED touchscreen that features acid-wash anti-glare glass, you can present in any lighting condition, from anywhere in the room, to a wider radius, in 4K resolution and captivate your audience with detail, without compromise.

It is rare that a conference room is used strictly internally, with external stake holders often utilising your facilities. Touchscreens accommodate the diverse
ICT needs that could arise because they are software agnostic (Windows, Mac, Linux & Chrome) so you are not restricted by compatibility. This means whether your next appointment walks in with a Mac Book Pro, a Surface or a Laptop, they can seamlessly connect and present on your Touchscreen. Additionally, as computers become end of life or companies migrate to new, or diverge onto, different platforms, you can easily upgrade without losing the functionality of your touchscreen.

Technology is an investment, especially for a small company. There is not only initial capital outlay to consider. Setup, training and maintenance all take
time and cost money. With a touchscreen, set up it is plug and play. Training is not necessary, as your fingers become an extension of your mouse and keyboard. In the past, conference room technology required ongoing maintenance, such as calibration or replacing lamps. Not only does a touchscreen require no maintenance, but it has a proven longer life, requires
less energy and has lower installation costs making it not only the smarter long term investment but the more economical.

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Australia’s favourite Interactive Touchscreen

Available in 2 Innovative Ranges for Education and Business Environments

Interactive Classic V3

Rugged as ever, the Classic V3 is still the toughest touchscreen on the market… 
Premium 4K touchscreen with built-in Android & 3 year onsite warranty

Interactive Pulse V3

Revolutionise the way you collaborate, interact, learn & communicate…
Premium 4K touchscreen with built-in Android & 3 year onsite warranty

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